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What makes Sovereign Truth Baptist Fellowship unique?
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We desire to worship God in a way that does not fragment the family. All families are welcomed and embraced by our fellowship. We encourage and incorporate children of all ages into our worship time each week.

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We are a Reformed Baptist church that holds the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession as a summary of our doctrine.

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We try to keep things SIMPLE by meeting corporately on Sundays and gathering voluntarily throughout the week. We favor genuine fellowship and relationship building as discipleship methods over programming.

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We take the Bible very seriously, which is why we practice expository preaching each Sunday, going verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible. Our elders rotate teaching, which keeps them healthy and prepared to feed the flock each week.

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Keep it Simple. It's About God, Not Us.

We are trying to return to the simple and basic truths found in God's Word that direct not only how we worship as the church, but also how we live out every aspect of life. The focus of our worship is Jesus Christ, as revealed in the scriptures. We adhere to the Regulative Principle of Worship which means the elements and activities in worship are only those prescribed in scripture.

We strongly emphasize discipleship for both men and women in the fellowship. The men's discipleship focus is on equipping them to assume their God-given mandate to be priest, prophet and provider of the home. The women focus on growing into the women that God has created them to be, as described in scripture and not being oppressed by the unnatural expectations of the world. The children of the fellowship are included in the discipleship as well, boys going with their fathers, and girls going with their mothers.

We believe in expository preaching and teaching so that the whole counsel of God is revealed and not the opinions of man. Relationships and hospitality are a very important part of our church, so every Sunday we share a meal together before we have our discipleship time.

  • Teaching in Rotation

  • Verse-by-Verse

  • Encouraging Biblical Roles

  • Sharing Meals and Messes

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